Histrionic personality disorder

It is characterized by a behavioral style overly concerned with oneself, attracting the attention of others, exaggerated in expressing emotions, with low tolerance for frustration and consecutive outbursts of anger.

The prevalence in the general population is 2-3%, higher in women, because they receive the diagnosis more frequently, while men are probably underdiagnosed. It is more commonly associated with somatization disorder, mood disorders and alcohol use. Repeated suicide attempts may occur for the purpose of blackmail in order to obtain special conditions of care.


  • Dramatic, theatrical, colorful, demonstrative behavior and language
  • Visible concern to impress those around him to become mannerists and seducers.
  • Concern for one's own appearance is expressed by the unusual style of dressing, putting on make-up, approaching an extraordinary hairstyle
  • The discourse is excessively impressionistic, lacking in detail, hyperbolizing
  • Seemingly attractive, they are actually artificial and inconsistent
  • Easily suggestible
  • Tendency to exaggerate feelings and thoughts, presenting any event in one's life more important than it really is.
  • Dramatic emotional expressions are fickle, changeable and superficial.
  • The inability to maintain a deep relationship, which implies a real and genuine attachment.
  • Interaction with others is characterized by inappropriate seductive or sexually provocative behavior.
  • Lack of attention generates frustration, indisposition, blaming others.


Early interpersonal difficulties may have been resolved through dramatic behavior.
There could be a father consisting of a severe or distant father and a seductive mother.


Psychotherapy is the main treatment, aiming to explain and clarify emotionality.
Pharmacological treatment addresses the complications of this type of personality: anxiolytics in small doses, antipsychotics or mood stabilizers.  
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