I am Elena Coman, a primary physician in Psychiatry, and I have been practicing this profession for 14 years in the Clinical Hospital of Psychiatry Prof. Dr. Al. Obregia Bucharest, collaborating in parallel with private clinics. I work with adult patients from all areas of psychiatric symptoms in the Addiction & Addiction department and I am the coordinating doctor of the Emergency Room (ER) in the same hospital.

Although the idea of this private clinic appeared a few years ago, only in 2020 following the evolution of the pandemic and its effects, I decided to create a personal space where to practice this medical specialization, but where the "hospital image" is replaced by a relaxed, more pleasant, intimate setting with enough empathy, dedication, and availability towards each patient. I wish to address here the whole range of psychiatric pathology for adults, whether it is in an early stage, temporary or permanent, or with a minor, moderate, or major impact on the life and functionality of the patient.

I want to bring closer to my patients the psychiatric care of impeccable quality through multiple ways of approaching, curing, or mending the causes and symptoms that disturb them.

I am not alone, but I work with a team of very well-trained psychiatrists with extensive experience consolidated in many years of practice, in which I have full confidence. I have created a set of services where we are on your side and together we put your problem into perspective: diagnose, plan a medical approach adapted to each case and monitor the following evolution. We work according to the latest health regulations, we perform epidemiological triage, we ensure the protection of your personal data and we can easily communicate in English and French languages, where necessary and appropriate. I invite you to meet us in the pleasant and relaxed environment of PSYHELP private clinic!

Now I invite you to meet us in the pleasant
and relaxed environment of PSYHELP private clinic!

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